Mud Ninja Extreme Challenge

A 5 km of muddy insanity is waiting to be conquered! Time to get your mud on!
You got this! .....Uh, maybe.

Location Information

  • July 30th 2016 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT
  • J.L. Parker Farm
  • 2093 Pricer Ridge Rd., South Salem, OH, 45681 US

Participant Contact Information

Registration Information

* Timing chips are $10. Select a Timed Wave if you would like to have your run timed. The 9:00 wave is automatically timed. Timed and non-timed participants run in the same waves.

9:00AM wave is only available if selecting timed option above.

Enter the age/bracket you will be on July 30, 2016.


Would you like to join or create a team?


Premium Ticket

For 2016, come have fun, get muddy and then leave clean and well fed from our premium ticket option. This ticket includes access to privacy and food that is unlike any other ninja has experienced. Included in the ticket is:

  • Private changing room
  • Custom Enclosed hot Showers
  • Delicious Grub supplied by Circle City
  • Full stomach and clean car seats (no extra charge)

*Premium ticket required for entry into Shower area. Each participant will need a ticket of their own.


Enjoy two nights of camping for up to six people for $60. RV camping is also available for $85 (no hookups provided). Hurry, space is limited.


Due to the intense layout of our course, this event requires a participant insurance contribution.

Processing Fee

The Fee this year includes unlimited access to all the professional photos taken the day of the event. Following the event, a link will be provided where you can download and share as many as you'd like.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Any donation of $300 or more includes access to the premium ticket area! That means a private hot shower and some really good hot grub from Circle City. Do good while smelling and eating good. Win-Win! Each donation of $300 is good for 2 people to access the premium area.

Suggested Amounts

Terms & Agreements

Please note, Coolers are not permitted. That's less to worry about getting muddy.

Electronic Signature of Adult Participant, Parent or Legal Guardian

* This event contains risk of injury and possible danger to my well-being. You are personally responsible for your own safety.

*Mud Ninja maintains the right to change or modify its location, dates, register company, wave start times, awards, course, obstacles, fees, name of obstacles, wave length, course length and any other event detail or policies it sees fit as needed with no prior or advanced warning. Upon registering for the Mud Ninja Challenge, you agree to these terms.

* Due to the structure of the event, I understand that there are no refunds under any conditions, this includes bad weather or personal injury prior to the event.

Mud Ninja LLC, operates and/or conducts various extreme sports activities, including, but not limited to: Mud Ninja, mud runs/races, adrenaline games, and other events related thereto. These activities and events can or could result in injuries to the participant.

To be able to participate in these various events, the participant, by executing his or her signature (electronic or otherwise) to this release, does hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Mud Ninja LLC, its officers, members, promoters, sponsors, advertisers, owners, employees, associates, volunteers, paid staff, vendors or business partners from any and all liability, injuries, or any and all other claims and damages as a result of participating in an event sponsored by Mud Ninja LLC, its officers, members, promoters, sponsors, advertisers, owners, employees, associates, volunteers, paid staff, vendors or business partners.

Furthermore, the participant, on behalf of his personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin, does hereby release any and all claims, damages, injuries, incurred by the participant in regards to the participation in such events.

Participant assumes full responsibility for and risk of bodily injury, death or property damage due to negligence or non-negligence of Mud Ninja LLC, its officers, members, promoters, sponsors, advertisers, owners, employees, associates, volunteers, paid staff, vendors or business partners, in the Mud Ninja event or associated activities, and / or while competing, officiating in, working or for any purpose participating in the Mud Ninja event or associated activities.

Participant agrees that this release, waiver and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Ohio and that if any portion of the agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance will, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

Participant, being of lawful age, in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Mud Ninja event and any activities in connection with Mud Ninja, acknowledges the risks and hazards involved in and arising from the attending, participating in, or as a spectator or bystander, of any event at Mud Ninja including, but not limited to:. the falling of bricks, the throwing of water balloons, electric shock from any device, being hit by flying objects, rope burns, injuries caused by volleyball or tug of war, obstacle breakage, and does for himself or herself, his or her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, release and forever discharge Mud Ninja LLC, their officers, members, promoters, sponsors, advertisers, owners, employees, associates, volunteers, paid staff, vendors or business partners, their heirs, administrators, and executors, of and from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action, of whatsoever kind or nature, either in law or in equity arising from or by reason of any bodily injury or personal injuries known or unknown, death and / or property damage resulting or to result from any accident which may occur as a result of participation in Mud Ninja or any activities in connection with Mud Ninja, whether by negligence or non-negligence or from any and all other incidents of harm and / or ill-will.

I comprehend the risks involved with participating as a spectator or participant. I assume all risks associated with participating in the Mud Ninja including paralysis and death caused by course obstacles and contact with other runners or objects thrown by spectators or course condition and malfunction or any physical earth deterioration caused by weather.

I agree that Mud Ninja LLC or any of its assign's has the right to any photos or any video/sound footage of me during the Mud Ninja event. These photos, video footage and sound materials may be used for any marketing purposes. I shall not participate if I have any known physical or mental condition that would make it reasonably unable for me to participate. I am not participating contra to any advice from a doctor. I have not participated in the in the consumption of any alcoholic beverages or drugs that will impede my mental and physical ability to participate in the event. I do not currently suffer from any head injuries, heart disease, limb dislocation, mental illness, recent back injury, arthritis joint sprains, asthma, glandular disorders or any other condition that would hinder me from participating in this event nor am I pregnant.

Attempting the Mud Ninja has extreme danger and I may hurt myself. I agree to the decisions by any staff, official or volunteer to remove me from the event due to improper sportsmanship, failure to remain on the course or my overall state to finish the course safely. I agree that Mud Ninja LLC or property owners of the event are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. I fully understand that there are no refunds under any conditions once I purchase my entrance fee. Objects will be thrown directly by/toward/at me by spectators, volunteers or staff members. These objects or avoiding these objects may cause me serious harm, death or injury.

Participant further states that he or she has carefully read the above release and knows the contents of the release and signs this release as his or her own free act. Participant further releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue all professional services from any claim whatsoever on account of first aid, treatment or service rendered him or her during participation in Mud Ninja or any activities in connection with Mud Ninja, whether by negligence or not.

Under no circumstances is a client or participant eligible for a refund regardless of injury before the event. There will be no refunds under any circumstances. Once you have purchased an entrance fee it will not be refund regardless of any reason including and not limited to: inability to complete the course, weather conditions, failure to receive a proper discount, course malfunctions or acts of God.

I agree by signing this document and participating in the Mud Ninja that I lose my right to sue any and all parties involved with the Mud Ninja Extreme Challenge including and not limited to the property owners of the location and where my car is parked. I have fully read this complete waiver and I understand it in its entirety. If any claim is launched toward anyone involved with organizing Mud Ninja, I agree to defend and indemnify the Released Parties from any and all claims or causes of action by whomever or wherever made or presented resulting from Participant's injuries caused by a person, damage of property, or wrongful death, and to pay for legal fees, expenses, and costs incurred in defending such claims of anyone organizing, running or promoting Mud Ninja.

The signature of participant's Parent/Guardian below certifies their son or daughter has permission to be a spectator at and participate in the Mud Ninja Extreme Challenge. The Parent/Guardian grants the permission to have access to their son's or daughter’s medical records as deemed necessary. By signing this agreement I agree that I or the part of my responsible party lose my/our right to sue anyone involved with the Mud Ninja Extreme Challenge.


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